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He lived out the rest of his life in elegant exile in the South of France.

That July, PC Luke Hanks was looking into a theft from the London Central Telegraph Office.But as with rumours naming him as Jack the Ripper (Eddy had a talent for attracting scandalous suspicions) there is little solid evidence. I wonder if it is really a fact or only an invention.’ The story was clouded by misinformation — much of it generated by the rich and powerful covering their own tracks.Parke never named him and Somerset seemed genuinely unaware of his having any connection to the brothel. we were both accused of going to this place but not together . Uncle Ernest may have overplayed his hand, but he was right to smell a cover-up.As Oscar Wilde was soon to prove, sex between males at this time was punishable with prison.Now that the Cleveland Street brothel was exposed, a number of wealthy clients faced the prospect of jail and social disgrace. Despite whispers that well-known figures were implicated, the only ones prosecuted were two rent boys, with minimal publicity.

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